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Many people today no longer have someone they trust to name as their Attorney-in-Fact.  Allegiance Fiduciary Services, LLC is a trusted, reliable company that you can name as your Attorney-in-Fact.

As your Attorney-in-Fact, we can help with:

  • Bill paying

  • Banking

  • Financial transactions


Allegiance Fiduciary Services does not provide financial planning services or advice.  We will work with your current financial advisor to manage your financial affairs.


Call our office today for an appointment to discuss our services.


A person(s) named in the Power of Attorney document to perform business and financial transactions on behalf of someone else.

Fiduciary Duty

A legal duty to act solely in another party's best interests.

Power of Attorney

A written authorization where a person(s) acts on behalf of someone else to conduct financial and business matters.

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